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    Counseling for Military Families

    Therapy for Military Spouses and Dependents

    Are you a military spouse who is trying to juggle it all? Do you feel like a single mom? Is your husband cheating on you? When your husband is deployed for long periods of time, it can feel like you’re a single mom. You have to take care of the kids and Military couplehousehold all by yourself. It’s not the life you envisioned. You and your kids find it difficult to connect with others because you’re always on the move. Do you say “what’s the point of making friends because we will be leaving anyway?”

    Being a military spouse can be lonely. You married young, you’re always on the move, relationships are strained, and you feel like there’s no one there to support you. I’m here for you. As a therapist, I’m not here to tell you something’s wrong with you. I’m here to help you feel less alone and more in control of your life. In therapy you can fully be yourself without being judged or shamed. I’ll give you the tools to handle whatever comes your way when times are tough. And when the time comes to move, you’ll know how to create and maintain a strong support system so you won’t feel alone.

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    Therapy for Active Duty Military

    Military service membersServing our country is an honor that can come with unexpected challenges. Seeing a therapist doesn’t mean you’re weak or broken. It means you are utilizing all resources available to you to help your family and yourself! Whether you are struggling with PTSD/trauma, addiction, stress, or relationship issues, I’m here to help.

    I offer a completely confidential and safe space where you can feel comfortable to be yourself and talk about what you’re going through. I won’t provide a diagnosis, so you don’t have to worry that it will affect your career. Therapy is about giving you a place to express everything on your mind without being judged or getting in trouble. It’s all about you and your needs.

    My Experience with the Military

    Hi! I’m Jenny Smith, LCSW. I know you might be nervous about starting therapy, especially if you’ve never gone before. I can assure you, therapy is totally confidential. I know what it’s like living the “military life”, feeling lonely and disconnected from others.

    My dad was a pilot, flying a C-130 all over the world. I remember him sending me a Hard Rock Bagdad shirt and postcards from all different cities from where he would go. I loved being born in a different country, Tokyo, Japan. Then moving stateside starting in Colorado. I enjoyed the inclusiveness I felt being a military brat. I enjoyed getting to know people and the diversity that came with them. I was excited to meet new people and explore new cities and places.

    But there were also tough times. I found it difficult having long term friends and having to sit at a new table at lunch every time we moved. Which group should I sit with? Who would accept me? I found that to be challenging and feeling alone since everyone had a connection already. I wish there was support for me when I was a kid. Most times my father would be gone on TDY’s, leaving my mother as a single parent. She eventually became one due to the divorce.

    Ever since high school I knew I wanted to become a social worker and help others, especially military families, improve their emotional and mental health. Before starting my private practice, I worked as a Military and Family Life Counselor at the Tyndall Air Force Base in Panama City, Florida. As I continue to support military families in my private practice, I feel like this is my way of giving back to this population.

    You Don’t Have to Feel Isolated or Hopeless

    I know going to therapy can be scary. I provide a confidential, supportive, and safe space where you can fully be yourself. The point of therapy isn’t to judge or shame you. I’m here to help you feel better!

    Therapy can help you:

    • Learn positive and healthy coping skills,
    • Access resources,
    • Find online groups, so even if you move you can maintain strong relationships,
    • Be confident in yourself,
    • Take control of your life!

    Talk to someone you can trust. Contact me today for a free phone consultation.

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