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Providing Online Telehealth Services In Florida

  • “We heal the past by living fully in the present”
    – Marianne Williamson

    Providing Online Therapy in Florida!

    Trauma, whether it’s with a “big T” or a “little t” can affect anyone. There is nothing wrong with you if you’re experiencing distressing symptoms related to a traumatic experience. Many people who’ve had adverse childhood experiences, including childhood sexual or physical abuse feel shame, guilt, or blame themselves. You didn’t do anything to deserve this. Starting therapy can be difficult. I applaud you for taking this first step towards finding mental well-being. It can be scary to work through the difficult emotions that are related to the traumatic experience you survived.

    Online trauma therapy in Florida at JoyFeel Therapy

    Helping you find joy again and heal from past trauma.

    If you’ve experienced a traumatic event or have had to make a tough decision that resulted in grief, you’re not alone – I’m here to help. I provide a safe space to process your emotions and sift through the tough stuff.

    Are you stressed out?
    Does it feel like you can’t get your feet underneath you?
    Do you struggle with intimacy and relationships in general?
    Have you gone through a traumatic experience, either as a child or as an adult, that is impacting your everyday life?
    Do you feel unsafe in your home life or relationship?

    If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, then Florida online trauma therapy at JoyFeel Therapy could be the right fit for you. I want you to be able to live the life you want without getting stuck in a loop.

    Did something bad happen to you? If you’re struggling to feel alive and are living in pain, let me help you set down the heavy burden you’ve been carrying around alone. I know you want to get better – you want to make better choices, be a better parent, and be a better version of yourself. Together we can find healing and growth.

    Imagine living a life free of flashbacks and nightmares. Picture yourself in a healthy, happy relationship that is both physically and emotionally intimate. At JoyFeel Therapy, I’ll help you learn new coping skills (or reactivate old ones) that will allow you to live the life you want for yourself.

    Something that’s really common for people who have experienced trauma is flashbacks. We’ll work towards freeing you from the weight of your past that has resulted in flashbacks or other trauma triggers. Whether you survived childhood trauma, domestic violence, gun violence, physical abuse, or sexual assault, JoyFeel Therapy’s Florida online trauma therapy practice could be the right fit for you.

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    Meet Jenny Smith, LCSW, CCTHP

    Hello! My name is Jenny. I’m a Certified Clinical Telehealth Provider and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience. I’m working on certification in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. I have a passion for helping people heal from trauma, particularly childhood trauma, and feel alive again. I started JoyFeel Therapy to help people who have experienced very difficult situations refind the joy in their lives. Outside of work you can find me enjoying time with my family and getting outside for long walks. I’m here to be someone outside of your friends and family that you can talk to about things that are causing you distress.

    What to Expect From Online Trauma Therapy in Florida

    JoyFeel Therapy is an online therapy practice for people in Florida who have experienced traumatic events. JoyFeel Therapy was started to help people like you who are stuck in the past work through unprocessed trauma. My goal is to provide you with a non-judgmental space where you can truly explore your emotions and triggers.

    At JoyFeel Therapy you’ll find individual online trauma therapy for adults and adolescents ages 18+ who want to find balanced mental well-being. We’ll work towards healing from the past and living in the present.

    We’ll set goals to follow your improvement and come up with coping skills for when things become difficult and distressing. Our therapy sessions are judgment-free and exist to help you build confidence and work through past trauma.

    Although JoyFeel Therapy treats anyone who has experienced trauma, I specialize in survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Because trauma doesn’t discriminate, my clients are both male and female. There’s a lot of shame connected to trauma, particularly sexual abuse. We’ll normalize the way you feel now as a result of what happened to you in the past.

    My approach to therapy is to start where you want to start and guide you towards healing and growth. I’ve been told by many people that I’m easy to talk to. I will actively listen to you and work closely with you to sift through the muck and come out on the other side no longer held back by distressing symptoms related to past trauma.

    Together we’ll look at all aspects of your life and get you on the road towards healing. Many people who have experienced trauma feel broken, not in control, and like there’s something wrong with them. We’ll navigate the difficulty that is trauma recovery together.

    My goal is to help you stop being afraid of feeling. We’ll work together for your trauma recovery. Let’s help you realize that you are not worthless or damaged. You are deserving of love and a life free from flashbacks and trauma triggers.

    If you’re ready to take the next step and find out if we’re a good fit for each other, reach out today and book a free consultation call. I look forward to helping you heal from trauma and live your best life!

    Let's start working together!


    Jenny has been great to help me go through everything that was going on in my life/ She was very easy to talk to and gave me so many helpful tips like setting goals to follow my improvement. She was always very responsive to messages and accommodating for the sessions. I really recommend her, thank you again Jenny!

    Jenny has helped me in many ways, from helping build confidence, processing of anger, help figuring out where the anger came from. Listening to my day to problems and good experiences. Jenny is very reliable I can always count on her response. I look forward to our weekly video calls. I would recommend Jenny to my friends and family.

    I have made more progress with Jenny in a couple weeks than trying on my own for years!

    Jenny takes the time to listen/reads and responds promptly. It is very easy to talk to her.

    Jenny is an experienced and caring counselor. Definitely recommend her!

    Jenny has been a really great help towards my improved mental health. Being able to talk to someone outside of my family about my sadness, and depression has really helped.

    Jenny is a really good counselor.
    She listens to me and gives me great advice.

    Jenny has been a really great help
    towards my improved mental health.
    Being able to talk to someone outside of my family about my sadness, and depression has really helped.