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    Counseling for Expats

    Challenges when Living Abroad

    Have you moved to another country and it’s not what you expected? Whatever the reason for your international move – whether it’s because you’re in the peace corps, a missionary, to be with your partner or spouse, or because you were looking for an exciting change – living in a new country can be both incredibly exciting and frustrating.

    Being an expat can be difficult and come with unexpected challenges. You are unfamiliar with the laws, rules, language, and culture of your new home. You were looking for a change or a fresh start, but this just isn’t doing it. Maybe you feel lonely, isolated, and disappointed. Or perhaps you moved, but didn’t end up getting the job you wanted so now you’re getting by waiting tables. Maybe you just aren’t enjoying yourself as much as you thought you would and feel stuck or embarrassed. Often expats find themselves struggling with feelings of loneliness, disillusionment that can turn into depression, guilt for leaving, or regret.

    Did you struggle with mental and emotional health before you moved? Just because you are now living internationally doesn’t mean your previous mental health issues magically go away. Moving to a new country isn’t a cure for mental illness, and unaddressed issues can become worse without support. You don’t have to suffer even if you live abroad – I’m here for you.

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    Remote Therapy for International Clients

    Telehealth is a great option for those living abroad. If you have an internet connection, you can get the support you need to succeed wherever you are. Online therapy provides a safe space where you can get nonjudgmental support, learn to overcome challenges, and most importantly, feel better!

    I know what it feels like to live abroad, feel lonely, and experience culture shock. I was born in Japan and have moved all around the world throughout my life. As a young adult starting my career, I moved to London. I thought since we all spoke the same language that it would be easy, but I still experienced culture shock and isolation. It’s so important to have a sense of belonging and community wherever you live. I can help you feel connected, supported, and confident in your new home.

    I can help expats living internationally with:

    ● Anxiety and depression
    ● Building community
    ● Burnout
    ● Compassion fatigue
    ● Culture shock
    ● Finding a sense of belonging
    ● Isolation and loneliness
    ● Loss of direction
    ● Regaining a sense of purpose
    ● Social supports

    Telemental health (online video) sessions offer an accessible and convenient way to go to therapy from wherever you live. I provide online counseling via a HIPAA compliant video platform that complies with the confidentiality laws of the United States.

    Request a free consultation today and stop feeling lonely and start feeling empowered!

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    Other Services Include:

    Trauma Therapy Therapy for Anxiety Counseling for Depression

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