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    The Relationship Between Depression and Social Media

    Social media comes with a lot of positives, such as reconnecting with old friends and building new connections. However, social media can come with a lot of downsides if you are not careful. You could end up developing depression if you make social media your entire world.

    Once you finish setting up your online profile, you have mentally moved into the virtual world of social media. You suddenly must be on full alert for any notification. These new behaviors can lead to you forgetting about the world outside of your phone or computer. Social media can also make you compare yourself too much to other people. The social connections you have made in the real world begin to disappear if you are online all the time.

    By understanding the relationship between depression and social media, you will see if you need to lessen its exposure.


    Social media can keep your mind so glued to your feeds that you forget there is another world out there. You will not want to spend any time with your friends in real life because of FOMO (fear of missing out). It becomes your goal to not miss one notification.

    It can also be the opposite, where someone with no friends does not feel the need to go find any in the real world. You feel like the only friends you need are the ones you follow. But, you cannot do fun things with social media feeds outside of liking, commenting, and sending posts.

    Low Self-Esteem

    Suffering from a loss of self-esteem is very common when you cannot help but compare yourself to your friends. You see them in relationships, successful jobs, taking trips, and other adventures. When you feel like you cannot measure up, it can lead to negative self-talk.

    You may see your friends looking fit or beautiful in their hair and makeup. What you may not realize is that photo editing tools can make you look perfect. The same can be said if you use photo editing tools and your friends comment on how amazing you look, only for them to be commenting on what is fake. You could be scared that showing the real you will not lead to a lot of feedback.

    Less Physical Activity

    They say that exercise is a good way to keep every part of your body active and activate your feel-good serotonin levels that affect your mood. If you spend all of your time in your bed browsing through your social media feeds, you are not getting any physical activity.

    Not only is it important to get exercise, but to do activities that involve leaving your home to build confidence and gain a sense of accomplishment. Learning a new skill or doing something that requires talent can make you feel good about yourself. While you may get a dopamine boost on social media, you will not feel fully satisfied the way physical activities can make you feel.

    Sleep Deprivation

    Most people want to end their day with one last post or one last scroll. However, your sleep takes a toll. Scrolling through social media is not an activity that can help you relax into slumber. If you are not getting the social media feedback you want or you see something on there that makes you nervous, this will fuel the anxious thoughts that keep you awake.

    How to Lessen Depression

    Social media can be a part of your life, but it does not have to take over your whole life. You can use your willpower to only scroll through social media feeds for one hour. Dedicate the rest of your day to seeing your loved ones and getting out of the house.

    If you are still struggling with depression, here at JoyFeel Therapy, we are here to listen and support.

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