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    5 Ways to Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month

    May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Since 1949, mental health advocates have used this time to spread the word about the importance of mental health. With a giant stigma surrounding mental health, so many people are afraid of telling others they have a mental health condition or getting treatment for it. Mental Health Awareness Month will show you that there is nothing to be afraid of.

    Mental Health Awareness Month can not only be educational but fun, too. There are so many ways that you can tell your story or encourage others to do the same. By taking part in Mental Health Awareness Month, you are doing your job in breaking the stigma of mental health.

    If you want to take part in Mental Health Awareness Month, here are five ways to do so.

    1. Attend an Event

    In May, you will see various events that have to do with mental health outreach. You can find events in your community or online to learn more about mental health conditions and hear other people’s stories.

    Go on your county’s website and see if your area is hosting any mental health awareness events. You can always come up with your own, like leading a fundraiser, organizing a walk or run, or hosting a Q&A with a mental health professional. Taking part in these events will help you stay informed and involved.

    2. Research Mental Health

    One of the best ways to know about different mental health conditions is by reading up on them. Visit your local library, where you will find many resources you can read. You can also see if your local librarian can help you get a jumpstart.

    You can also follow news stories about breakthroughs in the mental health community. You can also read message boards of people sharing their mental health experiences to gain better insight. The more educated you are on mental health, the more you realize how serious it is to always take care of it.

    3. Ask for Mental Health Days

    You may think that a mental health day is not a real excuse to take off work unless you are physically ill. Well, the same should be said if you do not feel mentally well to take on a shift.

    If you feel too burned out to come to work, let your boss know you need to take one or a few days off. If you have paid vacation time, use those days to allow yourself to recharge and get some rest. That way, when you return to the office, you will feel better than ever.

    4. Practice Self-Care

    You need to take care of yourself every day, no matter how many responsibilities you have. In time, you will see through educating yourself that mental health is just as much of a priority as your physical health.

    Self-care practices may include taking a walk for fifteen minutes to enjoy the fresh air. It can also mean meditating to keep your mind in the present moment. Before going to bed, you can take the time to shower, write in a journal, listen to soothing music, and do anything else that will make you feel good before the day is done.

    5. See a Therapist

    After learning so much about mental health conditions, you may realize the symptoms you read could relate to you. You may believe something is going on with you, and you cannot pinpoint what that is.
    Luckily, a therapist will help clear up what has been troubling you through diagnosis, guidance, and support. You will have the tools you have been looking for to feel more at ease with your life.

    If you are struggling with how to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month best, here at JoyFeel Therapy, we want to listen and support you.

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